last ladies lunch Monte Carlo March 2011 with Charlene Wittstock

Ladies Lunch Monte Carlo: cocktail party with Honorary President Mrs Charlene Wittstock, fashion show by Valentino. In spite of the social and economic crisis, Ladies Lunch Monte-Carlo will redouble its efforts to continue its actions, so that each child and adolescent in the Principality may have the same life conditions of our own children.

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Señoras Almuerzo Monte Carlo: cóctel con la señora Presidente Honorario Charlene Wittstock, desfile de modas de Valentino. A pesar de la crisis social y económica, señoras Almuerzo Monte-Carlo redoblará sus esfuerzos para continuar con sus acciones, para que cada niño y del adolescente en el Principado pueden tener las condiciones de la vida misma de nuestros propios hijos.

Ladies Lunch Monte Carlo: Cocktailparty mit Ehrenpräsident Frau Charlene Wittstock, Modenschau von Valentino. Trotz der sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Krise, wird Ladies Lunch Monte-Carlo ihre Anstrengungen verdoppeln, ihre Aktionen fortzusetzen, so dass jeder von Kindern und Jugendlichen im Fürstentum können die gleichen Lebensbedingungen unserer eigenen Kinder haben.

Ladies Lunch Monte Carlo: cocktail avec le Président d’Honneur Mme Charlene Wittstock, défilé de mode de Valentino. En dépit de la crise sociale et économique, Ladies Lunch Monte-Carlo va redoubler ses efforts pour poursuivre ses actions, de sorte que chaque enfant et l’adolescent dans la Principauté peuvent avoir les conditions de vie même de nos propres enfants.

Ladies Lunch Monte Carlo: cocktail party con il presidente onorario la signora Charlene Wittstock, sfilata di moda di Valentino. Nonostante la crisi sociale ed economica, Ladies Lunch Monte-Carlo sarà raddoppiare gli sforzi per continuare le sue azioni, in modo che ogni bambino e adolescente nel Principato può avere le condizioni di vita stessa dei nostri figli.


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LIVE on tendanceTV May 3rd Fusion on the Port/Monaco 12:30

6-Quai Antoine 1er , Monaco Telephone: +377 9797 9595.

What is adultery?

Coming to Tendance tv, live from Fusion on the Port in Monaco, “Asking Alicia”- the Show that looks at issues and how they affect you and your family because family matters – the first Show discussing Adultery…

What is adultery? Have you experienced your Partner being
adulterous? Have you felt rejected? Do you think your Partner is having an affair but you do not know whether to ask them/confront them..

What do you do if you fall in love with your best friend’s Partner? How do you cope with adultery happening to you? How do you rebuild your life, or do you ignore it and/or accept it for the sake of the children? Is it healthy to have affairs in a relationship tokeep it alive and thriving?..

All these questions and many more will be discussed very soon live in Monaco..
Write in with your questions to
Call and text Alicia on..+ 33 6 634 630 05
Come to the Show ( it is free) and have your say and ask your questions..and call
in/text and email during the Live Show..

Facebook page coming soon
Experts will be available to guide and advise – to be announced..
“Asking Alicia” because you and your family matter..

The Show, hosted by Alicia, will examine the impact on the family of various social, economic and health issues by talking to experts and getting feed back from people who are effected through the medium of call in’s, emails, and texts, and with a studio audience.

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ASK alicia “Family Matters” Live

Filmed at Fusion, located above Stars n Bars on the Monaco harbour, each weekly Show will be Live and will cover the following issues, for example, and their impact on the family :-
Mother and Daughter Relationships
Losing a child
Teenage sex, and drugs
Coping with teenagers
Suicide and Bereavement
Is happiness a skill to be learned?
Sibling Rivalry
Drug Users
Father and Son Relationships
Step Children and Step Parents
Sexual Harrassment
Life after Death
Past Lives
Parenting and should your children look after you when you are elderly or infirm and be responsible for you?
Stay at home Fathers
Working Parents
Losing your job
Disability – including autism and handicap
Mobile phones/video games/Internet – do these bring families together or tear them apart?
Nutrition and food – weight, and eating disorders.

Each week, firstly as a 30 minute Show, Alicia will have a Blog and there will be information on the Tendance tv website which will give detail on the subject that week to be discussed and people can write in and comment before the Show goes Live. Then, in the Studio points will be discussed, along with the audience, calls, and emails, and texts during the Show.

Experts on the subject will be at the Show to give their advice and assistance, too, and it is proposed that Celebrities will attend to discuss how they have been affected by the particular issue, and give their experience or ask for advice too.

“Ask Alicia” is there for you to find support and guidance on a range of issues that affect your family (on live internet TV, which is the source of immense growth and development in the media market.) Copyright 2011 Alicia R.F.Sedgwick.

send your questions to Alicia

The information provided in Asking Alicia or anything related to the
Show, blog, and website, is not intended as legal advice. It is a
general discussion of the subject matter, for informational purposes
only. If you have any specific legal questions, we recommend you
consult an attorney familiar with the area of law. The views expressed
are entirely without prejudice to Alicia and her colleagues and
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